The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

Summary of the decisions made by our general body, in 10/3/2015

 The following is a summary of the decisions made by our general body, in 10/3/2015
Topics to be discussed:

  •  The plan for the new masjid.
  • Reviewing the financial and activities reports.We spend the meeting in discussing the issue of the new masjid. Brothers and sisters had shared their opinions about establishing a new masjid either by buying the church, located at 145 and 148 N Gill St., or by building on our land, located on West College Ave.
    The majority of the attendees agreed on the following:

    1.  Making an offer to buy the church on N Gill. Note that accepting our offer does not imply that we have to buy it. This step preserves the church as an option for us.
    2.  Organizing a visit, for the community members, to see the church buildings from inside. We will contact our real estate agent and get back to you inshallah.
    3.  The community authorized Br/ Jamal Rostami to contact the architecture who worked on the project of West College property, to check the feasibility of building a masjid or Islamic center on this land under the new code and regulations.
    4.  After we are done with these points, we will have a general body meeting, inshallah, to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each of these projects under the updated information that we will get.
    5.  The community agreed on the need of new constitution for the masjid, that contains a board of trustees besides the executive council. We will spread a draft of a new constitution and collect your comments on it to be discussed in a general body meeting.
-Because of time limitation, we had not reviewed the financial report, nor the summary of the activities.

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