The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

Youth Committee

Youth Committee
Vision: We would like to strengthen our community from the bottom up. This means we need to be focused on the youth of the community and create outlets for them to succeed in. Below are initiatives available for the younger brothers and sisters of our community.
High School Focused Initiatives
Goals: To acknowledge and support our high school age students by connecting them with older brothers and sisters through a mentorship program and social events, provide them with the tips and tools to thrive in an American high school, and educating them with relevant Islamic knowledge to help them have confidence in their identity and religion.
Summer picnic
That recognizes rising high school students within the community and presents them with “keys to success” while being Muslim in high school.
Keys include: travel prayer rug and their own personal small Quran.
Monthly social events
bowling, snow tubing, sport events, and halaqas.
Mentorship program
For both the ladies and the guys, college aged mentors will share their own high school experiences and give tips on how to succeed in a non-Islamic environment.