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The beautiful names of Allah

The Most Beautiful Names Belong to Allah, So Call on Him By Them.

 Meaning: The word ‘Allah’, the proper name of God, indicates that Allah is the true God who alone deserves to be worshipped, whom all creatures worship out of love, praise His greatness, revere Him and turn to Him in times of need and adversity. In fact, this name comprises all the meanings of His beautiful names.

Occurrence: 2724 times.

Evidence: “Surely I am Allah, there is no god but I; therefore, worship Me and keep up prayer
for My remembrance.”
(Surat Taa Haa, 20:14)

Meaning:Allah is Ar-Rahmaan, The One who blesses all his creation with prosperity and devoid from disparity. He is most merciful, kind and loving towards all creation. He is all inclusive and embraces all.

Occurrence: 57 times.

Evidence:“The Most Gracious has taught the Qur’an.” (Surat Ar-Rahmaan, 55:1- 2)

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