The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

Eid Al-fitr prayer 2015

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Dear brothers and  sisters, 

InshAllah you and your families are in good faith and health.

As ISNA announced, The Eid prayer will be on Friday July 17.
The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania will arrange the prayer to take place in Sunset park.
The prayer starts at 8:00 am sharp. Please do not be late as the prayer consists of two parts first part is praying two rakaas after the imam then the khotba.
There is a very small parking lot inside the park; however, there is off street parking surrounding the park. Please park legally as you are presenting the Muslim community.
The Masjid will provide light breakfast right after the prayer insha’Allah. If you would like to participate in providing food to the breakfast, there are two ways. The first option is to pay someone toward the food that the Masjid providing or you are welcome to participate by bringing a dish or beverages ( hot or cold).
If you would like to participate by paying money you can give you donation to anyone of the EC members or call brother Khaled Enab ( 814-441-8489) or brother Ahmed Zewail at (814-441-6846).

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