The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

Ramadan Iftar Schedule


Inshallah the ISCP will have Iftar for the community every day of Ramadan. If you are interested in providing an Iftar to the community, please put your name on the schedule below. Below are also a few details:


  • Masjid may provide Chicken to be cooked by the family

  • More than one person can share the same day.

  • If you would like to get the reward but cannot provide food, we can order food from one of the local Muslim restaurants on your behalf. The Iftar for one day costs $500.00; one day can be shared between more than one person as well.

    • If you are interested in this option please contact Brother Rami Alhellu (Vice president of ISCP) at or by phone (443)-994-5266 or any brother in the executive committee

  • If you would like to cover an iftar for a day but remain anonymous contact Rami Alhellu at and make sure to receive confirmation from him.


If you are not able to provide an Iftar dinner you may help with the following:

  • Pay for fruits and dessert

  • Pay for the chicken

  • Pay for cutlery


Put name on schedule here:

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