The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

Reminder of the office hour of ISCP

Asslam Alikom,
The office hour of ISCP is at 6:00PM-8:00PM every Thursday. Despite the weather for today seem to be bad, the office will open at these hours.
If you have any question about any point of Islamic jurisprudence- such as how can you pray in a perfect way?- or other issues, come during these hours or contact the EC at
We ask all of you to encourage anyone who has difficulty to practice duties of Islam or has difficult life issues to come to the ISCP during these hours or let us know about him or her.
Moreover, the office hour has beed seted up to allow people (Muslims and non-Muslims) to discuss with EC members any point regarding to ISCP or other issues, get help, suggest project, or borrow books form the Mosque library.
Yours Truly,