The Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

Community Meeting in 11/7/2015

Dear brothers and  sisters, 
Inshallah you and your families are in good faith and health.
We will have a community meeting Saturday 11/7/2015, after Ishaa, at 8:00 pm
This meeting is dedicated for the following points:
1) Reviewing the financial and activity reports, as we did not review them in the semi-annual body meeting.
2) Updating the community with the progress in the plans* for the new Masjid.
*The plans for the new Masjid were discussed in our semi-annual body meeting, whose summary was sent out to our emailing list in 10/4/2015. You can check this summary on our website via this link.
Also, you can download the summary as pdf by clicking here.
Your participation is very important and highly appreciated.

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